Wynne Is One! (Star Prairie, Wi)

Happy Birthday to the sweetest girl in Star Prairie!  Little Wynne turned one and celebrated BIG!  Her mom and dad, both special education teachers, created a Pinterest styled session and party for the big day.  I think parents love birthday parties to celebrate the year they have had as well!  I remember my boy’s first birthday’s the most.  It is a very special milestone in our children’s life.

Billie Jo found me and I am so so grateful for that!  She is a beautiful woman inside and out.  And her husband Zach is a tender hearted man, perfect for this little girl.  They are a pair of great parents.  I’m sure they have heard that a few times!

Billie Jo and Zach prepared Wynne’s special day with a banner, book cover, and balloons to have a birthday picnic with.  They sat on a beautiful afghan and brought along a picnic basket.  The setting was the park in Star Prairie which has the beautiful Apple River running through it.  We were grateful to have Billie Jo’s mom and Wynne’s cousin Olivia there to help as well!  We walked around for a few more photos before ending the session at their home.

This was a perfect way to capture a couple of different styles for Wynne’s one year session.  I especially like family photos at client’s homes.  The lighting indoors is more bold and the setting is truly unique.  I realize this is a moment when clients place a lot of trust in me and I appreciate that!

Thank you Billie Jo and Zach for inviting me in to Wynne’s special day!

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