World Down Syndrome Day

Before I post the happenings of our family and some fun photos over the past couple of months, I want to share these.  March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day (WDsD).  This past WDsD I had the goal of setting up a photo session with Calvin and giving away some sessions for families who have members with Down syndrome.  I worked up a sweat keeping Cal where I wanted him and engaged in the things I know he loves.  I picked his favorite toys and books but lets face it, he was most interested in the backdrop!  However, I’m thrilled with the photos I have of him from this special day.  Yes, some are not gallery worthy with the backdrop cut off and I have not edited them in Photoshop, but my subject is showing me his personality and for me that is perfect!  He has quite the expressive faces, doesn’t he?

Calvin and I sang “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and I ‘read’ “Big Red Barn” to him as he sat with his books.  I have had that one memorized since Evan was a wee little one.  I likely love it more than the kids do.

What does WDsD mean?  It means a normal day to me in all honestly.  I cannot remember life without Down syndrome but I think that is not because I am used to it as much as it is because it really is not that different.  Well, if that still boils down to being because I am used to ‘it’, then it strengthens the belief that it really isn’t a big deal because otherwise I would not be at peace.   And, as I have said since the beginning (already 4 years ago!), I just ask for peace, not change.

I am not sure what WDsD will mean to Calvin over the years but my prayer is that he will always know how important he is.  He may not be gifted intellectually (though he should also not be underestimated) but he is gifted with a loving personality.  Tonight I kneeled on the couch and looked out the big picture window.  He climbed up beside me and put his arm around me and leaned his head on my shoulder.  This is humanity at its finest and I am blessed to live with Calvin, God’s little side-kick.


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