Wold Family (New Richmond, WI)

I love this short and sweet gallery of the Wold family!  I know many others will too, because a lot of people know and love these four people 🙂  They are so fun and loving and REAL!

I have enjoyed getting to know Abby so much.  We have actually known each other since we were kids, but with her being a tad bit younger, well, unfortunately we never connected.  That is something I regret but I supposed do not need to.  Because, now we completely have each other to trust and go to if we need.  I know that from only being with her short periods of time over the past couple of years.  Some people you just know that about and when you meet them, you know you were just blessed immensely!

I love watching what Abby and Kip’s little girls Casey and Alex are up to.  It was my favorite thing when Alex bribed Casey in the first photos.  She reminded me of my oldest son, such a parent!  When Casey did a great job with her photo, Alex shoved a sucker down her boot.  Not long and there was a lollypop bouquet growing out of Casey’s boot!  Too funny!

I hope you enjoy this fun gallery!  Thanks Wold’s for asking me to take your photos last fall 🙂  I hope to see you again soon!

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