What To Wear

Above are just a few basic examples to get your mind going on your up-coming photo session.  You can always google search for more ideas and look at ads and magazines as well.

My first and foremost advice if you are wondering about this is to be yourselves.  I threw in the photo where the family is wearing their batman shirts.  If that is you and where your family is at right now, go for it!  Feel free to have a couple of options, something fun and something formal perhaps.

I put the color wheel up in the gallery as well.  Colors opposite each other nicely complement one another. I would suggest picking more than one color and be brave and add different layers, textures, and patterns.  Also, consider the surroundings.  White on white is flat and the eyes tend to search for subjects in the photo.  White with certain skin tones is likely to leave skin looking washed out.  Colors that pop can be very flattering, especially when the tone goes with the surroundings.

Be cognizant of sleeve length as well.  If you are self-concious about your arms, wear long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves.

Have fun and be yourself.  I want clients to be comfortable and confident!

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