Waterman Grandchildren (Amery, Wi)

This was one of the most relaxed sessions I have had in a long time.  It felt as though I went on an outing with my own children.  “I want a bunch of candids”, Grandma told me.  My favorite photography!

Here we have siblings Cora (7) and Colton (4) and their cousins, siblings Abby (4) and Audrey (2), along with their grandparents Pat and Roger.

I have noticed Grandma Pat, or in my childhood known as Mrs. Waterman my elementary librarian, likes the black and white photos I post of my own kids, so I incorporated some in to her session with her grandkids.  I love the emotion they bring out.  There is less distraction brought on by the attention to colors.  I tend to notice the smiles, direction of eyes, and even the little tongues sticking out 🙂

The kids right away searched for sticks and stones to toss in to the Apple River.  Then we paused for a photo next to trees that have been touched by many visitors, even Grandpa Roger as a child.  Roger’s mother Ruth grew up just down the Apple River from where we met.  Pat and Roger’s children, Tim and Lauren, learned to swim where she lived (and other family members still live).  Great-Grandma Ruth (who is 90+) took these great-grandchildren in the river as well, making this session that much more meaningful and unique.  Pat says, “The river is such a piece of our heritage and backbone of our family.”

Roger also shared a neat story of his childhood.  When he was 17 he worked for the Neighborhood Youth Corp and he and a group of his peers placed the rock formations you see in the second photo.  They are called wing damns and they were made so the trout would have a place to go in to get out of the current.  The boys nicknamed them ‘Trout Playpens’.   What a gift I received to hear such family stories!

After we photographed the children by the water we ventured up to the playground.  The children loved climbing, shouting, “Look at me!”  I even snuck in some photos of Pat and Roger.  They have been married for 36 years!  I loved how adoringly Roger looked at Pat 🙂  It made my heart melt!

The group built memories that weekend.  After Abby and Audrey stayed over night at Grandma and Grandpa’s and then picked up Cora and Colten to have this session, they ended their afternoon with lunch and a movie.  I guarantee this will never be forgotten.  What a treasure!  Thank you for such a neat photo session, Pat, Roger, and kiddos!

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