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I am sorry, there isn’t a set of cute photos tonight as I am super swamped with a blessing of abundant photography work…including preparing for a weekend in Wyoming to photograph my cousins wedding!  Woo hoo!  Just my mom and my 2 sisters 🙂  How exciting and awesome!?  What a memory maker ahead for us 4.

Okay, back to it, I wanted to quick share and document my progress with my GI issues.  Well, maybe they are not so much GI issues as “a textbook case of hypothyroidism”.  So, as I looked up those symptoms I have about 75% of them.

I saw Dr. Chris Foley in Vadnais Heights, MN.  He was amazing, brilliant, and caring.  He meets my needs of integrating natural and traditional medicine.

All the digestive work I’ve been doing is basically being set aside for now as the the underlying issue is possibly other things.   He mainly thinks the symptoms will be managed by addressing the root – which is what I’ve been searching and searching for!

Dr. Foley is focusing on reducing inflammation and we may also be looking at hormone support therapy.  Now, here is the thing I have learned, biochemistry, something I really know little to nothing about, is just simply not black and white.  And there are so many options out there we could never even be dreaming of at this point in time.  For example, cobalt and hormones….look in to it if you want – I might be adding cobalt.

As of today I am adding Earthing to my treatment.  I am reducing my betaine and enzymes.  In three days I will hear my test results and Dr. Foley will have had more time to develop a plan for me.

Interested in Earthing?  In layman’s terms, the earth is abundant in electrons – what we need to neutralize oxidative stress.  It is like taking an oral antioxidant except you connect to the earth by using a mat or sheet that is plugged in to the ground of your outlet.  Dr. Foley admits he may sound flakey bringing it up but he has seen and personally felt results from using them.   There are medical studies supporting Earthing and just like eating clean, it makes sense logically.

I am supposed to eat a Paleo diet which includes: Grain-free meats (meaning grass-fed), veggies, fruits, and nuts.  That is about it.  Very similar to how I was in the fall.  Lots of coconut oil (I read today 3.5 tbsp per day is recommended for adults).

He suspects that minimizing inflammation through the diet and anti-oxidative support along with thyroid and hormone therapy will make me feel much better.  He told me, “Your best days are ahead of you.”

I feel very confident he is right!

At this point, I’m willing to try anything for as miserable as my past 18 months have been.  I have gained 15 pounds since January, I am tired (more like I was prior to kids), little energy, and more, like the constipation….I never knew that was a symptom.  Now, I know you may be thinking that staying home from work is a contributor to the weight as I can eat whatever, etc.  I am telling you (and myself at times!), that is not the case.  This is wacky and feels often times like the early stages of pregnancy with the weight and emotions and being tired.

I wanted to share both about Earthing and Dr. Foley.  He is booked four months out for a reason.

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