Trosen Trio (New Richmond, Wi)

I could barely contain myself after editing this gallery and sending it off to the blessed parents of these three children.  I had a wonderful time visiting with their mom and capturing so many fun moments!

The Trosen trio and I met at the Heritage Center in New Richmond last month.  It was a bit chilly and cloudy at first but when the sun came out we warmed right up.  We wanted to be sure and get these photos in to mark little Carson’s 5th birthday!!

As I did the math I realized right about the time I found out my Calvin has Down syndrome, Nicole was doing the same with her Carson, only miles away from one another.  It is a pretty special thing for me to be able to travel this journey and meet so many wonderful people.  That to me is the biggest blessing Carson and Calvin bring.  They connect people in a way that otherwise would have never happened.  For that I am so grateful!

And, it has been so fun to also watch Cole and Kaylin not only with Carson, but shine on the dance floor!  These are seriously gifted kids and extremely humble and gracious. They flowed through this session with ease and manners.  It was tempting to keep them afterwards!  (I keep saying that about the kids I photograph, don’t I?)

I think the photos speak for themselves.  Enjoy!  I sure did 🙂

Thanks for sharing these lovely children with me, Chris and Nicole!

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