Threshing Table Farm 2014 Season (Star Prairie WI)

You may be surprised to learn that just down the road lies a little treasure named Threshing Table Farm (TTF).  TTF is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), owned by Mike and Jody Lenz, which is gaining vast momentum as the years go on.  And, as we know, a growing company is a successful one.  What makes TTF successful?  Have a look for yourself (be sure to click on the photos in the slider to see them full-sized)!

Beginning last May through the end of October I spent an average of an hour a week photographing TTF’s 2014 growing season, from cutting potatoes into seed potatoes, to planting thousands of seedlings and bulbs, to weeding, watering, harvesting, and packing, and to soil prepping for another growing season.  I was there.  Yet I was not.  I missed so much!  That is because this is a full-time, 18 hour a day operation.

When I look at the packing night after the group harvested strawberries from a neighboring farm, I can see the dedication in Jody and Mike’s heavy eyes and weary bodies.  Yet they are producing a labor of love and are ready to do that again in just a few short months from now!

It was such a lovely place to be, on their farm.  I often brought my boys with and we all loved the outdoor air and ground.  The dirt and produce.  The smells, the fun sights with the pigs, cats and other pets, and the taste of fresh produce!  Fresh picked peas, beans, cherry tomatoes, and so on.  One of my new favorites were garlic sprigs!  I was not sure what they were at first but they tasted so great, and interestingly just like garlic!  Then I found out why 🙂  Not only were they yummy but also fun to look at.  Check out the heart-shaped sprig!  It seems appropriate to mention as we approach Valentine’s Day this weekend that there were other hearts out there on the farm, like that fun potato.

I have a lot of respect for the Lenz family, especially after seeing their hard work and dedication last year.  They put the utmost amount of care in to their operation and go above and beyond in so many ways.  For example, they donate food to the local food shelf and a share to a local fundraiser, they host family events such as outdoor movie nights, potlucks, and also a local non-profit group called Messes and Masterpieces.  They open up their farm to free picking events and support local youth by hiring them as their interns out on the farm.  I could go on and on and not do it all justice.  Really, they just open up their hearts and vision and invite others to celebrate life with them.

I have been blessed to be involved on their farm and be able to document it in a way that has helped tell their story.  I am looking forward to another year of working alongside the Lenz family and TTF!  We have completed a short video they can use as a marketing tool and I hope to capture more photos for them this year as well!  When I bring home a box full of produce that easily feed my family of 5 for a week, I feel like I am getting the better end of our arrangement!  Yum yum and oh so healthy (and you know how I feel about healthy, right?!).

I highly recommend checking TTF out if you are interested in finding out more about their 18 week full or half-share options.  Now is the time to be signing up!  If you want their information, just give me a shout, otherwise you can check that out here:

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