The Story Of The Bubbles

Ah, Monday.  Fact of the matter is 93% of the population does not like Mondays.  The other fact is that 77% of stats are made up.  So, who really knows.  Fact of the matter is I’m in a weird mood.  Have been all day.

Distracted and very annoyed by house flies.  They swarm at the screen doors.  Attracted by the 67 degrees separated from the 35 degrees.  “Oh, allow me to get the door for you.”  I’m pretty sure we’ve extinguished 5% of the world’s population over the past 4 days.

We have a worm farm.  Yep.  I know you’re jealous.  I’m not.  It’s weird.  It is okay now.  But it was weird when every half-hour we had ‘worm duty’ and had to go retrieve the escaping wigglers and put them back in.  Yep.  Jumping ship they were.  What in the world?  Why?  Best. Compost. Ever!

I canned.  Why is it called canning?  It is a jar.  Not a can.  I jarred.  Applesauce and spaghetti sauce with my best work buddy Amanda.  We had fun.  We wondered why we wouldn’t just buy the darn sauce.  It would be worth it.  But Joe was happy to see his hard work put to preservation and it will be yummy and so much healthier.  And free, sort of.  So.  I’ll do it again.  Makes me feel productive.

Well, today I went out and harvested more tomatoes for another (and hopefully final) round of jarring sauce.  Calvin came along.  I had picked him up from daycare and he quickly made a stink of himself.  I am cheap and thought he could play outside a little, eat supper next, then have a bath.  You know, clean him up right before instead of waste a diaper in-between.  (Interesting difference between first child and third: First child would have never stayed in a dirty diaper more than 2 minutes.)

The older boys have taken to showers this past summer.  But last night after Evan’s shower left behind grass-stained knees I advocated for a bath-night instead.

Evan quickly exclaimed he was grossed out and has nightmares about having baths with Calvin.  After all, he poops in the bath tub.  But not often with them in it (oh lordy).  So, I clean up the dirt kid and start the bath.  I reassured them I just cleaned one and all is good.  So, in they go.

And you are guessing correctly.  One inch of water in and there was a Calvin-produced-butt-mess.  The olders grappled up the side of the tub yelling all the way.  “Can we have a shower?!”  “No!  You need real baths!”

So, Calvin very clearly exclaimed, “Ew!”    He now clearly says “hi, bye, and ew”.  We laughed and laughed.  I started a new tub and bribed them all with lots of bubbles.  After all, it just made us all feel better.  Maybe the soap outnumbered the bacteria that could still be lingering.

It turned out to be an enjoyable Monday.

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