The Christopherson Family (Amery, WI)

I am having a hard time nailing down my thoughts about this session.  I am mixed with memories of knowing this family and spending time here on Pike Lake (my husband Joe has a chipped tooth from riding a bike down the steep hill and into the lake – it does not work well, do not try it), to looking at these photos and how this family has grown in numbers, to feeling the loss of Brian, the oldest boy of the family and someone I hung out with as a teenager and young adult.

Karen and Terry are well known in Amery for their participation at church, local groups and events, and also for Terry’s optometry business.  They are also well known for their four wonderful, caring, and active children: Lori, Brian, Bryce, and Lisa.  Lori and Marty now live in Colorado. Lisa and Justin live in Connecticut.  Bryce and Debbie reside in the hub of Amery as Bryce works with his dad (and I need to see him for a check-up so my photos aren’t blurry, as he says). The kids came together for the Fourth of July and knew it would be the perfect time to have their family photos taken.  I am so grateful I was asked to be a part of their special day.  It was so fun and relaxed.  I especially liked to meet Jessica, Gretta, and Caroline.  (Doesn’t Caroline look like she could be Bryce and Debbie’s?!)

These are the most friendly, down to earth people whom are equipped with huge hearts.  Their hearts were missing Brian though.  I was touched to hear Terry talk about the time he and Brian planted a tree in the front yard.  Brian had some health concerns at the time and told his dad it would be in memory of him.  This is a special group of people.

As a side note, if you know this family you know it did not take much to get the lake jump planned out at the end!  Also, I am super impressed with the girls’ swimming abilities and bravery!

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