Tarasewicz Family (River Falls, Wi)

If you remember, winter began in December.  Snow and cold on the 1st of the month and has not changed since (except more of both).  Since this session was the first Sunday of the month we moved this session from outdoors to inside Tarasewicz’s new home.  Before their first Christmas in their new home.  A very special session.

Katie and Eric had been pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into securing a suitable home for themselves and their 2 boys.  This home was a true blessing to them and we were excited to be able to capture such a meaningful time in their lives.

Joseph and Jonathan loved to show me their rooms and special books and toys.  Katie was able to find meaningful decals for their rooms which we were able to capture in some photos.  The boys hung their special ornaments on the tree and were even able to open one of their gifts a little early.

Katie and Eric invited his parents along for part of the time.  Grandpa played with the boys and grandma loved on them.  Jonathan played his guitar for them while Joseph read (I was so impressed!) to them.  I will never forget the little moments of that Sunday morning.

Photo sessions do not have to be sitting in a studio and putting on a smile.  They can be life captured for you to cherish the rest of your days.  When you are desperately trying to remember what a special person looked like.  Or your children’s special toys that will be lost or broken or passed on in the future.  His or her quirks, actions, facial expressions, and feelings.  This session captures all of those things.  I know Katie and Eric love their gallery and I am grateful to have provided it to them.

I appreciate you both, Katie and Eric!  Your family is adorable!

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