Supplement Update, Part A: CoQ10

Speaking of Q, I promised a post about his supplements (we, thanks to Joe, call Calvin ‘Q’ and I am not sure how or why but I think it is cute both in name and also in origin).

I have been neglecting Q’s supplement program since finally recognizing last summer that the product NuTriVene D was exacerbating his reflux symptoms.  Not only was he spitting up, but it was also orangish-yellow, which is not the nicest to the carpet and clothes.  Besides, it was a sign it was not helping him but rather making something happen in his body that I admittedly do not fully understand.  It seems as though it is some sort of acidic, gaseous response that was likely producing inflammation.  (Also, there are other parents who say their children cannot tolerate NuTriVene either, unfortunately.)

And, without getting too far off track, I have been so entrenched in my own health (GI) issues that I have had enough on my plate AND have been awakened more and more to the process and causes of inflammation and how extremely detrimental it is on our bodies.

So, as I go back to the focus here, I decided to get back on track and figure out how I wanted to go forth with Calvin’s supplements.  I fully realize there are parents who are in support of supplements and those who do not want them for their own reasons.  That does not matter to me.  I mean, it does, but that is not my goal in this post.  I have neither the time nor the energy to try and convince anyone to do one or the other.  I just know I want to support Calvin as best as I can, and for me that involves being extremely cognizant of what he consumes.  I learn as much as I can by reading and asking questions and I observe how his body reacts.  Then I make decisions.

To start with, Calvin has a genetic disorder in which every single cell has an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.  I have not scientifically researched much of this to know everything about what this means.  I’d love to, but what I do know is from what I have been told, the bits I have read, and what I can observe.  For example, I have learned many people with Down syndrome develop early onset of Alzheimer’s (or Alzheimer’s symptoms).  I have learned and observe Calvin has low/poor muscle tone or hypotonia (the most common correlation of hypotonia is with Down syndrome).  I know that does not mean he is weak, but rather the messaging system to work his muscles is not functioning to its fullest potential. Finally, and quite ironically, Calvin suffers from premature aging.  I say ironically considering he is developmentally delayed yet advanced in aging.

There is a lot more I could focus on with Calvin and Down syndrome, but for now I am starting here.  And, when looking in to Alzheimer’s-like dementia and premature aging I was able to read studies and receive feedback from others about the positive benefits of CoQ10.  CoQ10 targets oxidative stress, which has been show to contribute to both premature aging and dementia.

There is a board I visit at Baby Center called Unlimited Potential. There I have been learning through others and their research and posts and I have decided to start Calvin on CoQ10.  Since he does not swallow pills, I found a liquid form through Dr. Mercola’s website.  I also contacted the company to ask about muscle disorders and Down syndrome and CoQ10.  He has not written anything on it, but we’ll see if that changes 🙂

Within a week Q will start with 3 pumps of CoQ10 along with a few other supplements I will briefly blog about very soon!

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