Stinson Family (Amery, WI)

The Stinsons are an honorable family.  Josh is a serviceman for our country.  A genial man at that.  He and his wife, Kari have done such a wonderful job with their two children Kobe and Quinn (love their names!!).

The family met me at the Heritage Center in New Richmond, during which we spent roughly an hour together.  Toward the end of our enjoyable session Kari and Josh informed me that they were on their way for a weekend of family time at the Water Park of Mall of America.

Kobe did not once mention this.  Not something I would expect from a 3rd grader who was very excited for the adventure ahead of him.  He did not beg or say he wanted to get done, etc. He is so well disciplined and respectful!  Also, I told him I had a treat for him and he did not once ask for it.  He waited patiently for the end until I could get it for him.  Amazing!  I was proud of that young man and his parents.

Kari and Josh have the adorable Quinn as well.  She is 9 months here in these photos.  She was just beginning to stand on her own.  Now she is walking (4 weeks later).  It is amazing how fast our babies change and develop.  Amazing and sad and exciting all at once.  I don’t know about you, but it is sort of a rollercoaster to watch our babies grow up!

This is a nice family and I am so humbled to have spent time with them.  They have a lot to give!  In return I applied a discount for their military service.  A way of showing my gratitude.  Ask me about this if your family may qualify!

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