Rohloff Documentary Session (Afton, Minnesota)

I thoroughly enjoyed this documentary session with the Rohloff family.  Nikki wanted a life-style session to document a typical morning in the lives of a young family with a super sweet 2-year-old.  Someday we will forget the toys, dishes, children’s art-work, and stash of diapers.  And, we will want to remember the smallest of detail in order to know we did not just dream our children’s childhood.

Jacob is living the life in his new home with his mom and dad, cat Little Bit, and dog Selby.  They recently moved to a quiet lot with large apple trees, neighbors with horses, and plenty of land to ride the 4-wheeler and tractor around on.  I imagine someday Jacob and Mike will be out throwing a ball in the front yard.

These photos are extra special because they will be used as markers to document what their home looked before all the work Mike and Nikki will be putting in over the next few years.  I am excited to see the changes they have in store!

On this August morning the family enjoyed breakfast together, gathering apples for the blind horse, riding on the 4-wheeler and tractor, and plenty of extra time for playing.  I am grateful to have been invited in to their lives.


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