River Falls WI, Tarasewicz Family

Meet the Tarasewicz Family from River Falls, Wisconsin!  (No matter how many times I type that last name I still have to go back and look to make sure I got it right!)

Katie and I grew up about a half mile from one another.  In the past year we have re-connected on many levels and it feels to me like a real blessing!  Katie is an inspiration to everyone she meets.  She is a mom to 2 boys (which alone calls for enough energy and strength), wife to Eric (whom I’ll get to in a second), a graduate student, a childcare provider, a director for a children’s ministry, and a manager of a local restaurant!  Wow!  Katie and Eric have toned that list down a little and I don’t know about you, but I feel a sense of relief for her.  Making decisions like that takes a lot of patience and courage.

Eric, Katie’s husband, is the brains behind this operation.  When I went to photograph them, I found out he is a computer scientist.  I was looking for help with my website and he has been an excellent guide.  Patient as well!  Thank you, Eric!  I would highly, Highly, HIGHLY recommend him!

I look forward to staying in touch with Katie and Eric.  I think our boys will be having play-dates real soon!

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