Rick & Dewey (Lake Minnetonka, MN)

I have been anxious for this event to show up next on my blog list!  Here we have some great people who got married in August on Lake Minnetonka.  Meet Rick and Dewey!  Dewey contacted me a year ago after he was referred to me by a mutual friend (thank you Kathy!).  He and Rick live in Colorado and wanted to travel to MN and have as they call it, “Our Big Fat Floating Gay Wedding”!

We started the day on the beach, having water fun and eating a catered lunch.  Between friends and family there were probably about 40 people there to celebrate.  It was so intimate and casual and I have to say, as a stranger I sure did not feel technically like one.  Everyone was so warm and inviting and their stories were very entertaining!  It was a lot of fun for everyone to relax and enjoy spending quality time together.  Many people were catching up in life and some were just getting to know one another.  Guests were out on jet-skis, pontoons, boats, tubes, and this really unique water jet pack.  It made me think of Back To The Future, Marty would have had a good time in that!

After things wound down there everyone went back to their rooms to clean up for the ceremony.  Rick and Dewey rented out the cutest B&B called The Bird House Inn & Gardens that was just a few blocks from the Port of Excelsior.  Dewey’s nieces and Rick’s mother and sister stayed with them there and I was able to visit with the girls as the grooms were getting ready.  What a great family!

We captured the couple and their more formal group photos at the B&B before going to the Port of Excelsior to head out for the ceremony and dinner.  These two are quite entertaining and there was no pressure or nerves running their day.  I loved it and so did the rest of crew.

Once we boarded the Bella Vista, guests were mingling and enjoying some cocktails before the ceremony.  The ceremony was not the usual.  At one point the guests and grooms pulled out their cellphones to capture selfies.  Why?  Just because!  And, Mr. David Beckham? He is the reason these two met.  I found out they both bid on this standout and that is how they met.  And, though I don’t recall whom technically won him, it seems as though they both won, two-fold.

After the ceremony, the whole group enjoyed a beautiful dinner and an entertaining cut-the-cake show before heading up for some more socializing and finally ending the night with dancing.  Rick and Dewey saved the last dance for the big finale and the night was over.  Why do fun days have to go so fast?  They are so hard to end!

But now the couple is enjoying marriage and it looks like a remodeled home along with some fun adventures with their nieces.  I’m so happy for you both and so grateful to have been a part of such an amazing group of people and momentous event!  It was a perfect day.


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