Peterson Kids (New Richmond, Wi)

Nothing like an impromptu session on the morning of New Year’s Day, 2014!  How wonderful to have these photos to remember the beginning of another year with your children.  Ancel and Ada are the stars of this gallery.  They are quite photogenic, too.  I have to say, at this point in my career, working with children is my favorite.  They do not worry about posing.  Their facial expressions are genuine and natural and all together captivating.

Ada loved playing peek-a-boo with me.  She was instantly drawn to the camera.  She loves necklaces and keeping busy.  And Ancel was thrilled for the first half to show me his cars and trucks.  Mid-session we ventured up to his room and he became a little less than thrilled to have the camera present.  But, when his mother jumped in with imaginary play and lollipops, all was well.  And, as they say, “All’s well that ends well.”  Is there no other truth?

We had costumes, lollipops, cars, trucks, and costumes.  We had Christmas lights as necklaces, beautiful deer heads in the nursery, and a single green balloon.  And lets not forget the “dragon hat” Ada modeled that Daddy Jamyn brought home from his 2nd tour in Afghanistan.  And finally, Ancel’s owning of the OJ bottle tipped our session to one of pure bliss.

Jamyn and Liz, you have 2 adorable and creative children who are blessed to be growing up in a home full of love, imagination, and opportunity.  Thank you for inviting me in to capture some of those moments.  I love your gallery and look forward to another session this summer.  Out in the wild.




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