Parker’s Newborn Session (Clear Lake, WI)

I’m so excited about this gallery!  I love the lighting for Parker’s newborn photos.

It was a rainy/cloudy day but that can make for some bold photos!  And, Parker’s eyes are very bold to me!  They are smoldering dark blue that have a sleepy look to them.  He is absolutely an adorable little boy.

And, he is a special little boy who started out early and spent quite a few weeks in the NICU.  His brother Jamison was born too early and did not survive.  Heather and Tim have gained a whole new level of empathy and sympathy, which is a blessing to uncover.

After spending many weeks on bed-rest sweet little Parker was born on July 5th at 32 weeks gestation.  He is about 3 months old here, but more like a newborn as he was due around Labor Day.

Heather and Tim are so sweet and gentle with their precious little son.  They shared many things with me about their experience and I am grateful to be trusted with such tender information.  This is a special part about my job.

Heather just wanted photos of Parker sleeping and he did give us about 20 minutes of that.  He was so alert most of the session.  Taking it all in!

Tim came home while Parker was sleeping in the bowl and was pretty impressed.  I can understand that!  They don’t sleep out of our arms but sometimes in a bowl?  Ha ha!

I love those bowl photos.  They are so colorful and also serve as a marker for his size.  Someday his parents can tell Parker he fit in that bowl.

I use family’s own items for most of my sessions.  This gives more meaning and memories.  I hope Tim and Heather enjoy their large gallery!  Thank you again for having me!

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