On A Positive Note….

Happy Father’s Day to the man I chose to have babies with!   God’s blessings continues to allow us to have this family and I am very grateful!

Some great news is I feel better!  A week ago I had a colonoscopy (no bad news) and immediately started treating for Lyme.  I will test this week and possibly again in 3 weeks – depending on the results.  There are various ways to test so we will make sure I am covered there.

Either way, since last Wednesday I have felt better and better each day to the point where today I feel nearly normal.  All day.  I am happy again.  My mind is not in a fog.  I am not constantly preoccupied and feeling down.  I am down nearly 6 pounds (in the past 3 days or so – crazy).  I just feel good.  I am still a bit hesitant to get my hopes up.  I admit it.

I am not sure if it is because of the antibiotics, antimicrobial, or anti-inflammatory.  Or, all of the above.  I just cannot believe I can feel this good and hopefully might continue to feel even better.  Dr. Foley told me my best days are ahead of me and I might actually be believing him!

I will post more later on.  For now, back to the rest of life (which is amazing to even feel a part of – I could cry for all I have missed this past year and a half).  Tonight I came home from photographing my nephew who will be 1 in two days.  And, I felt like taking photos of the boys (something that was not happening as it was soooo much effort for me even just days ago).

It was a true blessing and I want to say this is what life should feel like.  Every single person deserves this and should never quit fighting for it!

I feel like I am going all over the place tonight.

Yesterday I spent a good portion of the afternoon in the ER with Calvin.  He tripped outside and fell.  I believe it was on the corner of the part of a fence post that holds it sturdy in the ground (it was not in the ground obviously).  I came up on him and when I saw the post and the blood all over his poor face, from his eye, I could not look.  My sister was over and I had her come and look because I didn’t want to.  I just held him and wanted to cry but needed to figure out what to do.   I kept thinking that he just does not need any more struggles to learn.  And I really did not want him in any pain.

Once we realized he was cut on his eye lid we went to have it assessed.  The doctor took a look and decided he needed stitches.  Calvin was acting pretty much like himself at this point, but tired as it was nap-time and he had been hurt.  So, we snuggled and played as we waited for anesthesiology to become a part of the equation.  The worst part at that point was the numerous attempts to start an IV.  I DREAD this part of IVs with Calvin.  But, it happened and he has a healthy eye.  Thank the Lord!  He will have to have the stitches out, which means another IV experience but I think I’ll send Joe since he’ll be back from Canada.  🙂  I am so grateful for all of Calvin’s healthcare providers.  Past, present, and future!

Other than that?  Life is pretty normal.  Evan and Nolan will both be in school next year.  The news there is a few months ago I decided to keep Calvin home another year.  He will be 3 next month.  I know some will not agree with me in this choice but I feel good about it.  Calvin needs to stay healthy to learn.  That is the bottom line.  I have not given up on therapy and will be looking in to the next step soon.  Perhaps continuing with his current providers.  Quite frankly he is doing well and developing and I have a good feeling he will learn a lot even if he is home.  After all, I think I can be a good teacher for him another year  🙂

That’s all for now.  Have a great week!

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