Olson Wedding (Amery, WI)

I am so excited to be previewing the beautiful wedding I photographed in August.  Jayna and Nate have been such a sweet couple to get to know this year.  They have been one of the most photogenic as well.  I think that comes from their strong love for one another.  They are also two people who know what they want and have strong values guiding their way.

We started the day out at Jayna’s home just north of Deer Park.  The intimate group of girls were all there having fun spending time together and getting their hair and make up ready.  It was such a relaxing atmosphere for them.  Jayna was having her up-do done by her younger sister, how awesome is that?!

After the girls were ready, we ventured up to Amery where Nate and Jayna were going to be married.  They opted to wait and see each other at the ceremony.  So, we captured as many photos before as we could and saved the rest for after.  The group of guys and girls were so helpful and easy going that it set a great mood for the event.  It was also nice to see some of the same people as another wedding I photographed this summer 🙂

Jayna and Nate were married in a beautiful church surrounded by a wonderful group of guests.  They wanted to have their photos taken with each family as a gift for them.  I have done this a couple of times and think it is a nice thing to do!

After the ceremony, which was graced with meaningful people, we stepped outside to capture photos of Jayna and Nate.  They are some of my favorite wedding portraits because they were so focused on one another.  It was quiet, the wind was blowing, and these two were just so happy to be married.  I have noticed that taking this time to focus on one another in a quiet and intimate atmosphere gives a wedding couple treasured photos!

The day ended back at Jayna’s home.  They had an event tent and yard games set up.  The pizza and salads Jayna and Nate wanted were catered from Village Pizzeria and the dessert was ice cream!  Jayna and Nate even had an ice cream cake that Jayna herself made.

The couple played a fun game and showed us how well they truly know one another.  Then speeches were made.  Jayna’s sister had a memorable one in which she worked hard at gathering and using fun props.  The dance began with Jayna’s grandfather playing guitar and singing their first song.

The weather was great and the day went so smoothly it was really a fairytale wedding for the Olson’s.  I am so happy for them and am excited to see what life has in store for them.  Congratulations, Nate and Jayna, and thank you for having me capture your wedding day!

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