Milbauer Wedding (Amery, WI/Woodbury, MN)

Please welcome to the Ailts Photography line up: The Milbauer’s! ¬†Previously known as the Milbason’s ūüôā

I was surprised mid-week to get booked for a morning/early afternoon wedding the following Saturday in Amery, Wi last month. ¬†Pam and Bill decided to get married before their kids headed off to college this fall. ¬†And, they did not think they would hire a photographer until that week. ¬†As Pam mentioned over and over, everything worked out so well and fell in to place for these two. ¬†The signs all pointed to “Get Married!” ¬†And, married they got.

Not only were Pam and Bill uniting, their 7 children were as well.  Those are the gorgeous attendants of theirs.  Ali, Amanda and Austin, Adam, Hannah, Meggie, and Jack.  The real Brady-Bunch!

Pam mentioned to me how wonderful it was to be marrying someone willing to be married on the lake in her childhood back-yard.  Pam grew up in Amery on North Twin.  It was a perfect location and a perfect day.  It was not too hot nor windy nor raining.  Again, meant to be!

Bill and his boys arrived via boat to the ceremony with Pam shortly behind. ¬†They had a meaningful message as the officiant shared what they love about one another. ¬†The part that sticks out in my mind is Bill thinks of Pam as an adventurous soul (and something about being as cool as a dude but in a hot chick’s body!)

I loved their ‘victory lap’ after they exchanged vows. ¬†Then Pam and Bill returned to a feast catered by Angelina’s Kitchen. ¬†They danced on the lawn and ended the party on the water. ¬†All of the wedding party went water skiing making for a pretty unique day. ¬†Congratulations Pam and Bill!

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