Mid November Update

I’m not sure but I think 1 month now goes as fast as a week used to for me!!  How about for you?  Don’t you feel as though our society’s expectations of “quantity” have really pushed us to go faster, faster and faster still?

That and just getting older and having responsibilities does that as well.

I am just wrapping up editing my busiest photography month: October.  I think I had something like 16 sessions, including a wedding.  It was amazing and stressful.  Don’t get me wrong, stress does not equal dislike.  It just is stressful!

My job working from home for Farmers Insurance is on hold.  Maybe forever.  I’m not sure yet.  But it was a bit of a blessing.

We got a ClearLight Infrared Sauna 3.5 weeks ago, just after that notice.  So, instead of quoting at night I am able to sweat.  I needed it for my stress level.  I am now up to 1 or 2 times for 40 minutes.  Per day.

We are still not sure what is going on with me medically.  I know that if I avoid fruit I feel better.  That also includes other things, like too much fiber and also other sugar.  Eating strict Paleo helps.  As usual.  Maybe I’m fructose intolerant as well?  What I am learning is that I probably had what I’d say is the perfect storm occur.  Back in my lack of sleep stressful time with Calvin I was so depleted on energy.  I ate a lot of sugar.  I was transitioning to a dairy/gluten free lifestyle which was stressful.  And then bam.  Problems.

I will divulge more as time goes on and I know more.  For now I continue to treat for infection/inflamation, lowering my stress to improve thyroid and adrenal support, and hopefully some hypothalamus improvement in there as well, and we are going to start treating symptomatically (trying a diarrhetic and also going to go on Diflucan (spelling?) for a week or so for possible yeast overgrowth).  I don’t have a life threading illness, just some less than optimal functioning going on.  We think anyways.  It is frustrating and I know to feel blessed.  I think of God often!

Calvin continues to grow and develop.  Nothing phenomenal and perhaps even less than when I catch myself comparing him to others his age.  But, that is about me, not him.  He is getting there!

Evan loves, loves, LOVES, football and works so hard at it.  I am so happy to see him put himself out there.  During his fall football season (4 Saturdays and a “game” night under the lights) he put himself in front of the ball as often as possible.  There is some real potential here for this kid and athletics.  That is fun and I support it IF it is what he wants.  It does not make him who he is but I hope he can learn good sportsmanship and health this way.  And, we play catch quite a bit.  Our way of connecting.  One week he was kind of negative.  I set aside time to play catch with just him and by the time we went in he was hanging right by my side.  (The Play Therapy part of me comes out!)

Nolan Nolan Nolan.  This kid is fun.  He is learning so much at school.  The biggest thing for me with Nolan has been to trust he is learning even though he does not show it the way Evan does.  We were at Evan’s art school night and when he played a game he was able to label the numbers.  He just picks this stuff up, but does not focus on it.  He is so beautiful with his freckles and speckled eyelashes.  I made sure to capture them one day when I noticed the way the light was accentuating them.

I love my kids so much.  But I am learning their place is behind Joe and God.  I am working on those 2 relationships.  After all, I cannot sit back and expect things without being willing to grow in my own ways.

Joe has a new job.  He officially resigned from NeuroScience yesterday.  He will start with 3M in December.  This is a blessing.  It was rough there the past year or so and it has affected all of us.  He will make a great addition to 3M.  And, he shouldn’t have to travel!  Nice.

Well, not much else is new.  Living the life you know 😉    I am enjoying my Friday morning Bible Study group.  The women are such role models and we are all focusing on what matters and learning His word.  I know so little 🙁  But, this is God’s plan and timing for me.  So, I will not dwell on that.

Enjoy the photos!  Some are from the beginning of October.  I didn’t spend much time at the weigh-off this year (it was so busy with photography that week).  Then the boys and their costumes!  Evan is a repeat.  Calvin was the cow, just like the others.  Nolan and Evan were so big trick-or-treating this year (and the candy is obnoxious!!).  Then the biggest thing, okay I take back that nothing is new, is that we surprised the boys last week.  I brought them to Ogilvie ,MN to pick out a puppy!

It happened quicker than planned.  I found the puppies on Craigslist.  I always wanted a collie if I were to have a dog.  I found these and their price was very cheap (not common).  So we went and there were a ton to choose from.  Okay, about 6 girls.  They were outdoors on a farm.  I felt good about the place and owners.

This little girl is mostly collie.  Her dad looks like the mom but had a bit of sheltie in him.  He was a bit smaller too.  She is sweet but definitely not without responsibility.  Her names are Jordie (after Jordy Nelson) and Oggie after Calvin’s word for doggie.  We couldn’t decide so she already has a nickname; just not sure which to put down on her files at the vet!   I am now a dog owner.  I never thought it would happen actually.  I didn’t want it to for many reasons.  But my heart was open for other reasons and so it is.  Actually I have had moments of feeling like this is what was meant to be for our household.  I grew up with dogs, maybe that is why?

She is good for the boys.  And,  she is not all over the house.  She is in her kennel if she is not being played with or running around outside.  She sleeps in the garage (attached insulated so about 50 in there) in her kennel.  Someday she will be outside and in the entry if it is cold or rainy.  She has not even seen all of the house yet.

I wanted a collie for her qualities of being good with kids.  I sort of want her to bond with Calvin and ‘herd’ him.  Anyways, that’s her!  More to come later.  We’re off to dinner 🙂

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