McNamara Super Mini (Hudson, WI)

Enjoy this super-mini session I had with the McNamara family in Hudson, WI.  Susie and Tina just build this beautiful yellow house and live their with their three adorable children and wanted just a few quick photos to commemorate this new beginning together.

Besides being cute and all, there are some funny photos of the kids in this gallery.  Kids are great.  When you least expect it and are saying silly words, making funny faces, and singing simple songs, everyone is smiling and having fun and a great photo is captured.  The dog and all.  Perfection is only a matter of definition and let us all admit right now, that your favorite photo ever is not a posed-to-perfection snapshot.  It is one that elicits emotion and brings forth dusty memories.

Thanks again for working with me, Tina and Susie, and I look forward to watching those babies grow!  They sure make you two smile 🙂

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