McNamara Family (Deer Park, Wi)

Meet the McNamara family!  Tina and I were from different school districts but we only grew up a few miles from one another and are about the same age.  I remember the athletic skills of this girl were something to be desired!   Probably still are I imagine….  Now she and Susie have made a very loving family together with their children Maggie and Tommy.  Aren’t they little dolls?!

The five of us met the last Sunday of September at the Deer Park Village Park.   This place is a perfect place to bring kids.  The equipment is the right size, away from the road, no water, and even has some little trails.  Also, the largest buck you could find around here resides inside the park.

The weather was just perfect.  We spent time playing and then walked up town (which is quite tiny) to find some buildings for a bit of an urban feel to the photos.  The kids sure enjoyed it, which is key in a photo session!  On the way home Tommy rode on Tina’s shoulders and pulled at her hair.  The funniest thing was when Maggie scolded him from atop Susie’s shoulders because they spent time on Mommy’s hair!

I enjoyed my time with these four amazing people and I look forward to hearing when they settle in their new home in Hudson, Wi.

Thanks so much Susie and Tina for sharing your family with me!

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