Krueger Family (Amery, Wi and Deer Park, Wi)

I enjoyed spending time with Kevin, Janel, and their two children Josie and Landon.  It was a Friday evening so they were pretty psyched to be done with the school and work week.  We were lucky the rain held off and with it bringing beautiful, diffusing clouds.

What I loved about this session was not only the company I was in, but also the location!  The Krueger family lives on this little gold-mine with a beautiful home, many apple trees, and acres of trails.  Of course these trails have more apple trees, berry bushes, fallen trees, brush piles, wild grasses and weeds that flower and hold their own unique beauty, and a simple swing set!  Once we were done exploring and swinging the kids showed me their fairy home they built one day when they were bored, Josie’s play house that was once threatened to be turned in to an ice shack, and finally the chickens and woodpile!

I love being surrounded by nature and the signs of hard work!  Yes, even the never-before-seen yellow spider.

Thank you Krueger’s for inviting me along on your Friday evening and sharing with me your little oasis!  It was a pleasure 🙂

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