Kelzer Wedding (Amery, Wi)

Congratulations are in order for Joe and Nubia Kelzer!  Check out their stunning fall wedding held in October 2017.

After quite the patience and effort to get to this day, with a large amount of planning and labor in sprucing up the Kelzer Farmstead, they nearly got rained out!  It rained and rained until about 1 hour before their ceremony.  Talk about nerve racking, just hoping to have their vision come to fruition!  And, it did.  Making it all that much sweeter.  It was perfect.  An event I will never forget.  

Enjoy their gallery and be sure to check out the vineyard, the gazebo Joe built, the ceremonial space he cleared out and built up, the garage he painted, the lights he hung (he is an electrician), the food his mom baked and prepared, and his adoration of his new wife, to name a few things that stand out.  And, I know you will not fail to notice Nubia’s joy and elation as well.  90% of the photos I took that day showcase her awesome smile!  What a sweetie.  She was such a laid-back bride making an enjoyable event.  She cared more about her groom than having a white wedding dress (check out her dress around the dance time!), definitely my kind of girl!

As always, thank you for trusting me with your special day, Joe and Nubia!  I am so honored by that and enjoyed visiting with your family and guests, my long lost running club buddies and the first woman to introduce me to raw sweet potatoes, your mom!


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