Johnson Family (New Richmond, Wi)

The 4th of July is such a special time for many families.  It is like Christmas in that we tend to have a lot of time together.  And, at Christmas time we bring beautifully wrapped gifts to the Christmas tree, whereas during the 4th we bring delectable dishes to the picnic table.  I honestly enjoy this time of year quite a bit more.  There is less pressure and if you know me, it is outdoors!

My favorite location for sessions is outside.  The lighting is in control of setting up the ambience of the photos.  I believe that each situation is a unique gift.  Here, in true 4th fashion, we had a big and bright, cloudless sky.  And, therefore we had dark shade for us to retreat to.  Sometimes the images can be peaceful and other times the shadows give them a unique mood.  I also love the addition of green grass and flowers in these images.  The lilies the girls found are beautiful, as is that lovely landscape of flowers they gathered around in front of Rikki and Chris’ home.

Rikki and Chris have had me photograph their little boys before and are fast becoming friends.  I am enjoying spending time with them and their families. This group is Rikki’s side, comprised of her parents and sister’s family.

It is wonderful to capture parents and grandparents in photos because they tend to be in them less and less.

Rikki’s mom and dad are celebrating 40 years of marriage!  That is simply awesome 🙂

Thank you Rikki for inviting me to meet your lovely family!  Your family is a joy to work with.

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