Home Sweet Home, Allison

Oh, her eyes!  Every photo captured me with those baby blues.  Allison, you are exquisite!

Allison and her mom, Molly, a vet-tech, drove from Illinois to visit Grandpa Ziegler, Molly’s dad.   Last year Molly lost her mom but was blessed with little Allison.  It was a special session to visit Molly’s home and see her mother’s flowers.  It was also very neat to photograph Allison in the Raggedy Ann dress Molly wore for her 1st year photos 32 years ago.  It would have been neat to see Grandma’s reaction to that.

Joining Molly and Allison was their special dog Harvey.  Molly, Allison, and Harvey have all celebrated their birthdays this past month. These photos are a gift to be treasured for many years to come.  Thank you Molly for sharing your family with me.  And, congratulations are your new home.  You will have some nice photos to hang on your walls!

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