Henningsgard Family (Osceola, Wi)

The saying goes, you should save the best for last.  And, here we have it, the last session left to blog from 2013.  Okay, I swear it cannot be going on June already?!  I’m feeling a bit guilty!

I bet Scott and Shanin feel the same way about how fast their school year has gone by and to think, they might even be able to say these photos are a precious picture of the past as their boys have already grown and changed in 6 months.

As I have said time and again, the best investments gain value over time and photographs are exactly that.  These photos are more valuable than they were then and they will continue on that path.

The Henningsgards were not new to me, but their boys were.  I went to school with Scott and Shanin just a few years ago (wink, wink) in Amery.  They have established a solid foundation to build their family on with their high-school sweetheart status.  They are so sweet and extremely friendly.  Shanin is a teacher in the Osceola district and Scott works in town.  I imagine they are a go-to couple in the neighborhood and that most of the children in the district love music classes with Shanin.  Their boys have bright futures with this set of parents!

It is amazing to me how much their oldest resembles Scott.  Wyatt is his Mini-Me!  He was such a great big brother to Sam and Owen on this cold November morning.  We walked down to see the falls in Osceola.  It was nice and quiet.  Very peaceful!  We stepped off the path to capture Owen’s contagious smile and Sam’s adventurous soul as well as Wyatt’s mature attitude.  They are adorable and I thoroughly enjoyed working with this family!  3 boys, how couldn’t I?!

Thank you, Shanin and Scott for the opportunity to capture your special family!  It was an honor 🙂

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