Harris Family (Amery, WI)

The Harris family is so fun to be with.  I enjoyed and could relate to the energy level of the little boys Cooper and Maxx.  Austin, the oldest is so calm and such a great brother.  You can tell how much Maxx and Cooper love him by how much physical affection they gave him.

Austin is a tall young man with Stickler syndrome.  At first glance I thought he has Down syndrome.  But this night I learned more about how diverse this world is.  Austin is such a special gift.  I love his smile.

Kipp and Desiree have done an exceptional job as parents to these boys.  They just love them to pieces.  They are so patient and easy going.   And, I’m sure they love they have for one another helps out so much!  They had fun together and were like the steady force in the whirlwind of activity.  I think they even admitted to being open to having another baby [Desiree, you can use me as a witness :)]

Maxx and Cooper were sooo busy.  They wanted to run, climb trees, climb their brother and parents, stand on picnic tables, you name it.  It was perfect and us parents know these are signs of healthy and happy children.

That is, until it is supper time!  We ended at York Park in Amery, just in time for the 5 of them to fill up their stomachs and get to bed.  I’m sure they all slept well 🙂

Thank you Desiree and Kipp for choosing me as your photographer!

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