Hanson Family (New Richmond, Wi)

Last spring I stood in line at Subway attempting to feed myself and my 3 boys after a Centre swim while Joe was out of town for business.  While in line a sweet woman struck up a conversation with me.  We talked about kids.  Obviously I had some.  She had one but was alone.  She also was from Phillips, Wi so we chatted a bit about my working for Phillips Plastics and how I knew someone from there that I had met in college (turns out she knows him as well).  The “Get To Know You” chatting went on a bit.

She works at the hospital and then I told her about my photography business.  She seemed interested as she didn’t know many local photographers and her daughter would be turning one soon.  My hands were full and I did not have a card on me.  She told me she would remember.  So, I spelled my name and told her my web address.

The End.  Or, so I thought.  Actually, or so I forgot.

Time when on and about 2 months ago Kay, was her name, contacted me and reminded me of our brief encounter (at the Subway counter) and told me she would like a session!

This woman has a brilliant mind and ability to focus.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that she is a UW-Madison graduate working as a local pharmacist!  I’m definitely envious as these days I am learning I must write everything down (old age, three children, busy business?).

It was such an honor to meet her husband Chris and daughter Rowen (and doggie Rex, too, isn’t he the cutest ever?!).  Rowen turned one-year-old just days before our session!  How wonderful is that?!  There are a lot of one-year-old sessions going on right now and I really enjoy them.  I loved capturing all that is “one” with Rowan.

Rowen is much like her mom and dad.  Very easy going and happy.  I love her ‘ooo’ face!  Despite having a bit of a cold or allergies she enjoyed running around Mary Park in New Richmond.  She liked being carried around and tossed in the air by both Mom and Dad.  I also loved how she played with her dad’s beard, it reminds me of something my youngest does with Joe.

Chris and Kay are lovely people and I am so grateful for Kay’s memory and for being in the right place at the right time.  God does that and it will always amaze me.

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