Fun in the….snow?

Lots of complaints going around about this weather!  I’m not complaining much but it is strange!  I just want to feel like I wasn’t made for this wooden box because the great outdoors are my favorite.  I do not care for the cold because of having to manage a little kid in it.  Otherwise I would be out in it more.  Calvin is not an outdoor kid when it comes to winter weather.  I suspect it is because he is still mostly on his hands and knees.  I wouldn’t like the snow if that were my position!  Maybe next winter?  Or this winter?  If it ever ends….

It did warm up a tad so we went out last week and Nolan played in the mud, snow, and on a skateboard.  Cal lasted a bit longer, and even left his gloves on!  When we came in it was time for a peanut butter snack!  Our favorite these days!  This time Calvin begged Nolan to re-load his spoon.  It was fun to watch.

Speaking of, when I cannot eat sweets I go for PB.  I am not supposed to eat PB much either though because I get uncomfortable.  My GI is still about where it was last fall.  Not a lot of answers.  A lot of symptom management with lots of supplements.  I pray for healing.  Meaning, not a cure, but to feel at peace with it.  I am branching out a bit and having some treats now and then.  I’m not sure that is okay.  I second guess it a lot.  But right now I am at the point where if this is how I will live the rest of my life then I need to have some moments of enjoying treats.  So, I’m working on balance.  I see an integrative medical doctor next month to get his input and go from there.

I run a half marathon in La Crosse WI in 3 weeks.  My knees were a problem off and on but I think I’m good to go now.  Oddly I needed some myofascial releases on my ankle and my pain has vanished!  I have gotten up in my weekly milage and long run miles.  I am enjoying the goal.  If you read much of my other blog you know I like to have goals and to work out.  It’s not that I love the pain, but I feel like it is a part of me.  So, again, balance.

Evan has wrapped up another season (6 sessions only) of spring football put on by the New Richmond Centre.  I enjoy watching him grow.  He is well liked by kids in his class.  He has found his way after a rough middle of the year.  His skin is still inflamed from his wrists up to his shoulders.  Something he has had every winter since being a baby. We have tried dairy and gluten and neither seem to be the culprit.  So, Joe brought him to his work (NeuroScience, Inc) to have his blood drawn for allergy testing.  I’m curious about the results and admittedly skeptical that we will be enlightened.  We have lots more to try but it is hard and exhausting to constantly try things.  Takes time and a lot of commitment on his end as well.  He is very responsible and conscientious so he does well.  He was excited to share his teacher, Mrs. Martell, was proud of him for eating healthy.  She was very supportive on worked with us as we were eliminating gluten (dairy was last winter).  That was neat and an excellent example of why we need teachers who connect with their students and care about them.  This meant a lot.

We are excited for spring even though the summer solstice is only 2 months away!

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