From Snow to Pumpkins

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May 2nd, last Thursday, we woke up to nearly 10 inches of snow.  You know, that white stuff that we dream of before Christmas?  This slush was so heavy that many people lost tree branches and power.  Well, I worked very hard not to loose my sanity.

It started out with getting up and trading in the weights for the shovel.  Calvin was finishing up his “Hot” (flax-waffle that comes with the appropriate warning becomes labeled as such – the grain-free waffles are his breakfast nearly every morning) and needed a bath.  I put him in and mentioned it to Joe on my way out [yes, I do the yard work and the shoveling – thank goodness Joe has me 😉 ].  Nearly finished up shoveling and out comes Joe, asking for help with the bathtub situation, translation, Calvin pooped and Joe is not a fan of poop (like I am?).

Okay, in I go.  Poop everywhere.  Okay, not quite everywhere, but in a lot more places than acceptable.

So, the bathroom gets scrubbed.  Later on, Calvin needed another diaper change.  And, this time I left him in just his diaper as I tried so very hard to accomplish some kind of computer work.  A few minutes in to that I hear “Oh, gross!”  I start to think immediately of Calvin digging in a dirty diaper.  “Poop on the toys!”.  Oh crap, no pun intended.

I did not even want to acknowledge life existed.  But, I did what I had to and went out of the office and faced the feces.

Poop up and down the hallway and spread on the kitchen floor.

Calvin to the tub, toys to the kitchen sink, and kids out of the vicinity.  Carpets scrubbed, toys disinfected, and kids re-dressed and on to the rest of the day.

Well, I survived.  That picture of the 5 kids on the couch was my record of the end of the day.  Everyone was alive, loved, fed, and pretty happy.

And, here I am, post another half marathon in 1:55:52, 8:51 minute miles I think (La Crosse Grandad – one I’d recommend) and a few more items of work off my plate.  The sun is shining and I have made a conscious decision to acknowledge that life is pretty darn good.  Calvin is doing great as well.  He is signing more and more and walking so well.  He is also doing some amazing mimicking (things that we usually take for granted with typically developing children).  So, like I said, life is good.  And, I need to get back to work.


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