Fowler Grandchildren (Amery, Wi)

I always say having children is my investment towards grandchildren.  I have always been a bit of an old soul like that (Being ready to retire when I was 18 for example.  Ha!)

These 5 beauties are one of my grade school teacher’s grandchildren.  I was fortunate enough to go to school with their moms (and one of their dads) Alicia, Angie, and Anna.  Angie and I had some good times together in band.  She was always a good sport and so easy going.  I have fond memories and hope she does, too.

Angie has darling little Justin.  I loved that name and wanted it as a boy name years ago.  Justin was sick and not appreciating too much of this photo business.  Not to mention the absolute freezing cold and horrible wind temperatures.  He was happiest when he got his cracker and sat with his big cousin Sam ready to play with a ball.  A boy for sure!

Anna is living in Fairbanks with her husband and their daughter Sawyer.  She is the little toe-head whose eyes are quite captivating.  Not to even mention her fun and silly faces!  I loved her signing “If You’re Happy And You Know It” with Grandma Sue dancing behind me.  She also had the silliest smile when Cousin Hailey was holding her by the tree.  Sawyer, you are pure entertainment 🙂  I can tell your momma is happy.

Alicia must be so proud of her children Hailey, Lilly, and Sam.  Hailey was so gentle and helpful with the little ones, especially Sawyer.  She is a true beauty and it won’t be long and she will be out learning how to be an adult!  Then there is Lilly.  She was so great with Justin.  You can tell she was a great helper with her brother Sam.  Lilly is a beautiful girl as well with such a sweet personality.  And Sam.  Sam was ready and willing to be all smiles in every single photo.  I think he even wanted to be in all of them!  He was so fun to have around that morning.  And he too did so good with little Justin.  I love the photos of those 2 boys at the end.

I really enjoyed this session and visiting with the girls and their mom.  I am loving being able to catch up with old acquaintances and see how their families have grown.

Anna, I am so grateful you contacted me for your short trip home to Wisconsin.  The only wish I have is that it would have been warmer. Other than that we have great photos of your Sawyer.  Thank you also to Angie and Alicia for joining in and taking time out of your busy schedules!  You all have beautiful children!


If you are interested in a quick little mini session like this, please contact me!  Even though it is cold outside we can work indoors!

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