Flashback to Summer

Forgive the photos.  I did an extremely quick selection and edit on them.  Most of you won’t care but I feel like now that I have a photog business I need to have edited photos even for my personal blogging.  Well, I do need to 🙂  This is my business!

Speaking of, I have been spending some time reflecting on my personal blogging.  In truth, I miss the beginning days.  The sweet photos of baby Calvin.  The time I had to do it as well!  I miss how it wasn’t about perfecting the photo but instead so much sharing of what I was going through with having Calvin.  Both of value I suppose.

That was over 3 years ago already.  A lot has changed.  More than I choose to fully elaborate on here.  Some is too personal.  Most is just so much that I don’t have the time to do so.  But, with that, my main focus on my personal blogging is to share and help others.  So, if anyone were to ever have questions I welcome an email.  I have always said, this is all worth it if someone else can gain from’ it’.

What is ‘it’ you ask?  Well, trials and tribulations I would say.  This morning on my way to delivering Calvin to Karen (best childcare provider EVER!) I heard a recap of the biblical story of Daniel.  In short, Daniel was a blessed man who was also a politician.  He was “honest and hardworking…and government officials who were jealous of him could not find a way to remove him from office.  So they tried to use Daniel’s faith in God against him.”  Because Daniel continued to pray to God and because of a decree King Darius had passed for a short period of time, Daniel was thrown in to a den of lions.  During this time, the king was distraught and would check in with Daniel and ask if he was protected by God.  Daniel replied, “My God sent his angel, and he shut the mouths of the lions. They have not hurt me, because I was found innocent in his sight.” (Daniel 6:22)  Eventually Daniel was brought out of the den.  Unscathed.  Because of his faith.

How does this speak to you?

To me it says that in my times of hardship I will emerge unharmed if I have faith in God.  I am not a fanatic in the sense when it comes to my religion.  However, I have to have something to believe in.  Something greater than myself because I am not a vision of perfection.  I am a failure in more ways than I like to be.  I can be mean, hateful, rude.  I can be selfish, demanding, and unforgiving.  I need help in all of these areas so that I can give more to others.  I honestly believe that is what life is about.  Other people!  Helping and caring for them, even if it is hard.  Even if it does not get me anything in return.  Maybe I am wrong.  I still have a lot to learn!

Our family has been through more than most would know in the past 7 or so years.  Things others would judge and scorn, or have “perfect solutions” to (derived from judgement).  I do not share all of that with everyone and I shouldn’t.  I am pretty open though.  I tend to trust people.

I am open about myself if it is does not harm others in my life and I would like to keep it that way (example: I have more photos of Evan.  His cute butt.  But he is getting old enough that he would not appreciate it if I were to put them up – I hope he forgives me with the one I did).  With that, I have the struggle of my health I have shared for about a year now.  In all seriousness I often think if I were 70 I would expect it.  Not at 33 though!

I have shared the beginning of my journey.  It is always changing.  As time goes on I feel as though I have a case a chronic infection.  Lyme disease is just that (If you remember, that is the basis of the treatment protocol I am on).  However, the test I took at the end of June (a week after I started treating for it) came back negative, or clean.

I don’t have joint aches or pains.  I’m not always falling asleep.  I don’t recall a bulls-eye or a tick for that matter.  My symptoms started in January (not tick season).  So, many would ask why a medical doctor would suggest Lyme.

It becomes a bit long so I will save more for next time.  So, in the meantime I also want to mention the photos are from the beginning of June.  These are the types of photos from my beginning blogging days – my favorites!  I remember feeling so free the evening the boys took the hose to the sandpile.  🙂

Speaking of the beginning of summer, this morning Evan was not happy to have to go to school.  He was tired.  After he got his shoes on to head out for the bus he said to me, “I wish it was summer vacation.”  Ha ha, that was a good one!  One week in to the school year 🙂   Photos of school will come with my continuation of the case FOR Lyme/Infection.

Remember Daniel (who was in his 80s when he visited with the li0ns).  I know I will.

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