Erickson Family Giveaway Session (New Richmond, Wi)

One of the first people I reached out to after our son’s diagnosis with Down syndrome was Susan, these kids’ amazing mom. Susan was helping lead a local organization for families with kids with Down syndrome.  And, she is from around my hometown and we knew some of the same people, so it was comfortable speaking with her from the beginning.  I was happy to give back to her for all she has done for our family and the other local families.   This was one of the other give-away sessions in honor of World Down Syndrome Day and as you may be able to see, her son Ryan has Down syndrome.  He is a huge inspiration to me!

He seemed to have so much fun during their session.  He and his sister Megan play baseball in Hudson so they choose to have most of their portraits taken around that theme.  We had a lot of ideas for photos with bats, balls, gloves, and dirt!  Both Megan and Ryan came up with most of the ideas and Megan was just a natural in front of the camera.  She is also a natural with Ryan.  Both patient AND a typical sibling in that sometimes she didn’t want him to hug her so hard 🙂  I loved witnessing their relationship as well.

I really like this gallery and also thoroughly enjoyed talking with Susan about life, kids, and life with a child with special needs.  It is nice to have people who just get it.  Words cannot always describe what things are like and it is even better when words are not always necessary.

We wrapped up the session with Ryan meeting my son Calvin.  It was fun to sing a couple of songs together, especially some of Ryan’s favorites from when he was little.


Thank you Susan for sharing Ryan and Megan with me this summer.  It was great to see you as well.  I think we could talk all day, we would just have to have the kids entertained so we would be allowed 🙂


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