Duval Family (New Richmond, WI)

Meet the beautiful, inside and out, Duval family.  We met on a chilly December afternoon to capture them since they were all together for Christmas.  It was a lot of fun to photograph them around Jack and Kathy’s yard where they have worked for decades to make it their own.

I hate to even say it, since we are just starting to warm up around here, but there is just nothing like the magical time of Christmas to me.  Life seems to be busy, yet slows down to a point it is okay to just sit around and hang out with your family members.

For whatever reason you can come up with, get photos taken with your family periodically.  Life changes in a moment and when it does (and it will), photos become priceless!  I know that with this family, they do not take that for granted.  They love each other and make sure to show it.  I admire that about them!

Thank you again, Duvals, for inviting me in to your home on this special day!  As always, it was great to see your growing family!

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