Coudron Kids (Amery, Wi)

Wow, this is way too long overdue.  Looking back on this day, the day after Thanksgiving 2013, feels as though it were a lifetime ago.  Leaves from the Coudron’s massive oak tree have fallen and been laid to rest beneath a crust of the waves of winter.  The tree is ready and waiting to spring forth new life, as we all are!

The beautiful and mystical oak helped create a memorable session with the Coudron kids.  I also remember their Christmas tree as I walked in the front door.  The feeling of joy and excitement we obtain from the anticipation of family and gift giving.

Nathan and Lindsey, you are a duo of pure life.  My heart melts thinking about the adoration and love Nathan has for his sister.  He was content as could be in her company during our session.  And Lindsey is an expressive young lady who can entertain with the best of them!  She has a spark to her life which lights up the world.

Did you notice Jenna in there?  She has cared for Lindsey and Nathan since they were very little.  I met Jenna at Hollie and Dan’s wedding last year and saw her again at this session, and am now the photographer for her and Mike’s wedding in July!  I love this!

And, remember the Clayton HS student who job shadowed me a couple of months ago?  She is a student of the kids’ mom, Lori.  The connections are such a blessing to me.

Thank you so much for the lovely afternoon, Coudrons!  I look forward to working with you again!


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