Colten’s 2 Year Session (Deer Park, Wi)

If you have been keeping up with my site since the beginning of days, you probably remember this little guy when he was born, turned 6 months, and then a year.  And now, he is 2!  And, we love our nephew Colten.  He is a firecracker who is high in personality.  If you know his parents, this would not surprise you, especially his relation to his mom!  Colt’s mom has been my sister (in law) since we were young, so I can say that 😉

Colten is a water lover.  When we get together he can usually be found near a hose, puddle, slip and slide, pool, or whatever that will offer him water.  It always surprises me at how cold that water can be and he remains unfazed!  Go Colt!

For Colten’s mini session we met at Grandma Jo Jo’s.  We briefly walked around the house and also captured some photos with his mom, including one professional head shot for her with the pine trees as a natural backdrop.  Super simple, which demonstrates what we can do within about 30 minutes and at your own home.

I think we often times minimize the beauty of our homes and don’t think there is much to offer.  But in years to come, you may no longer live there or have certain toys that were a large part of your children’s lives.  Photography is not about perfection, it is about memories so that when you look at them they mean something to you.  Take advantage of that!

Thanks Doop for the quick session with Colt.  I am glad you love your photos!

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