Change can be so exciting and motivating!  For me, I am a “slow to warm” kind of person who needs a breath to get comfortable and learn my way.  So, change can be hard and stressful at times.

This describes me RIGHT NOW!  I have traveled from Blogger to WordPress and they are different! If you do not blog and such this is very meaningless to you so I won’t provide bordem.  However, I will provide a re-cap here:

Nearly 3 years ago I started blogging at   I was pregnant with my third child, Calvin.  Calvin was prenatally diagnosed with a Complete Atrioventricular Canal Defect or CAVD.  This was both new and scary for myself and Joe, my husband.  I nervously awaited an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist.  When the day finally came Joe had to be in California for work so my mom and I went to the appointment.

After examining my son’s heart the cardiologist asked if we had genetic testing done.  That question, those words, brought immediate disbelief and fear in to my world.  “No.  Why?”, I asked.  She went on to tell me there was a high correlation between that particular heart defect and Down syndrome.

Well, to make a long and amazing story short, Calvin was born with Down syndrome (Ds).  In fact he still has it (okay, I’m being funny here, kind of – people sometimes ask if it will go away and I am not judging since I once knew so little about Ds).  I have learned a lot about Ds.  Calvin has 3 copies of his 21st chromosome on every single cell in his body.  This will never go away.  There is a lot of research out there and the thought is that someday maybe there would be a way to sort of “shut off” that extra copy.  But that is not the ‘here and now’.  The ‘here and now’ brings me to what I can best describe as my new normal.  I did not think I would ever want this normal.

But, you know, there is a funny thing that happens in life.  We are lead down roads with curves, bumps, and changing scenery.  Sometimes there is bad weather.  Other times the sun shines, warms us up, and dries us out.  I am reminded daily I never have control over any of it. Instead I am called to be faithful and patient.  As my expectations and what-if’s diminish my grace is free to grow.

Welcome to a new chapter.  A new website that will house both my business and personal blog posts, etc!  I still have my other blog and will until I figure out what to do with all of that – part of the growing pains with Change…the part I admit I do not like because I feel scattered!

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