Carroll Family of Four (Stillwater, MN)

I was thrilled when Laura hired me to photograph her beautiful family 🙂  Look at them! Their clothing colors are phenomenal.  That can really enhance a portrait’s appeal, don’t you think?  Great job!

And, better yet, the Carroll’s are so respectful and sincerely nice people which makes it a truly enjoyable experience.  I love hanging out with families like Laura and Jesse’s.

Jesse and I went to school together and lived next door to one another as children. Our families have spent a fair amount of time together over the years.  He and Laura are an exceptional pair!

Also, It was so nice to see little Alex and Emma.  I remember Alex as a wee little baby but had not met Emmaline yet.  I am surely not the only one who sees such a remarkable resemblance between Emma and Grandma Andrea?!  Wow!

Thank you Laura and Jesse.  You did an excellent job scoping out your favorite city: Stillwater.  I hope one day to hear you are moving there!   I hear great things about their school district 😉  And, you are right, it is a beautiful and fun city.  I really enjoyed photographing there for the first time!

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