Cady Kids (Baldwin, Wi)

Awww!  This was such a blessing.  Let me explain.  Remember my World Down Syndrome Give Away sessions?  Well, I have posted one of those so far, and here is the second.  Meet Nate and his older sister Gen.  Aren’t they so fun?!

Nate was on a mission.  He ran, literally, from point A to point B, then to C, and all around.  He loved our time outside!  And Gen was right by his side.  They had so much fun interacting together, from making faces and singing “I’m A Little Teapot” to throwing sticks and pinecones in to the little stream.

I enjoyed the kids and also their mom, Marie.  We hit it off and not only because we both have sons with Down syndrome, but because our personalities are similar, including valuing hard work and caring deeply for our children.

Marie left me the sweetest voice mail telling me how meaningful this session was to her.  Mission accomplished 🙂

Thanks Marie for sharing your kids with me!!  They are a true joy!  We will be keeping in touch and I’m looking forward to another session next year out at your farm.  The kids will love showing it all off I am sure.

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