Baby Mya (Amery, Wi)

Welcome to the world precious Mya!  You are one sweet little buddle of joy!  I loved this quick mini-session with you.  First you came in with mom and you were not even crying in the carseat.  I’m not sure, but my boys always cried in the carseat, so I was in awe right away!  You were content with your mom and as soon as she laid you down you woke up a bit, looked around, rubbed your eyes, and went back to sleep.  We quick snapped a few because as we all know, sleeping babies are never a guarantee!  You woke up, ate a bit, and went back to sleep on all that pink.  You are such a healthy little girl and we know that is huge blessing.  You are a blessing!

Mya, you insisted upon waking up to see what was going on.  You looked around with your dark eyes, knowing that something was going on.  You were patient, finding the big window and gazing out as we watched you, in amazement.  (I love sleeping baby photos, but the awake ones remind us how inquisitive babies are.  Their brains are developing right before our eyes.)  Your mom was very close by and when you had enough, it was time to snuggle you back up so you could go meet your big sister and grandma.

This was a fun session.  I have worked with Jen and Charlie and their children Gavin and Eleya a couple of times.  It is very exciting to watch ‘my’ families grow.  I find this ‘job’ to be such a blessing.  It brings me so much joy.  In all honesty, you should see my face when I edit.  I sometimes realize I am sitting here smiling away.  Joy, unspeakable joy.

Mya was born one week ago and Jen brought her in when she was only 4 days old.  The earlier the better, and that is mostly for photo purposes but also because that way I can see a new baby 😉  I love it!  I even got in a little bit of snuggling.

If you are pregnant or know someone who is, please be sure to pass along my information.  I would love to increase my newborn photography experience!!  Thank you!

Thank you Jen for continuing to come to me with your family!  You are all very special to me.  I look forward to adding in another mini-session with the rest of your family this coming weekend 🙂

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