Baby Mya (Amery WI)

I guess this post would be a throw back, as the rest of my upcoming posts will be.  I am a bit (okay, a lot!) behind on my website end of the business.  Having little kids makes life a balancing act.  Ask Jen and Charlie, the parents of these gorgeous kiddos!  When we look at these photos, they tell us exactly WHY life is a balancing act.  It goes so quickly!  Like sand between our fingers, we cannot maintain a grip and we must also let go.

With that, we can absolutely do things to preserve time and memories.  Photographs and videos are priceless! I don’t think it is possible to have too many.  Jen and Charlie have done a thorough job making sure to capture their growing children and, as always, I am honored to have been someone they trust to provide these treasures.

Jen and Charlie, thank you for having me!  I have loved working with your family and watching it grow!

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