Austin (Senior, Siren, WI)

I absolutely love everything about this senior session I had last fall with Austin, a young man from Siren, Wisconsin.  We met in Taylors Falls, MN at the Pothole Trail Park and I cannot believe I have not had more sessions there!  It was beautiful, with so many locations for fun photos.  

I am sure it is a constant thing to have someone point out hair color when it is unique but I cannot help it!  Austin’s hair color fits him perfectly and the fall colors made it all come together for him, don’t you agree?  

Austin was a very enjoyable senior to work with.  Typically having our photos taken can be a bit uncomfortable, especially for the guys.  Finding a location suitable for them helps things feel more natural and flow more smoothly, which they did perfectly this chilly morning in October.

Austin, I wish nothing but the best for you as you wrap up your final year as a Siren Dragon.  I found out myself just how special that place is, including your parents and sister.  I know you will do great things with your time this fall.  Maybe I’ll read about you as a pilot one day soon?  I hope so, as it will mean you are doing what you are passionate about.  

Thank you, Tinmans, for inviting me in on this time of your life and trusting me to bring out the best and most handsome parts of Austin! 

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