Alway’s a Packer Fan

What a game!  I like football.  Truth is, I like that it brings people together.  I love watching the game with my family and that is the most disheartening part of Packer’s loss tonight 🙁  We’ll likely do something for the Super Bowl but it is just not the same!

Tonight was extra special because tomorrow Joe is home as well as the school boys.  3M in St. Paul is closed due to the cold weather!  Oh, did I mention that before?  Joe started with a new job in the 3M medical department on December 2nd. We love his benefits and the professionalism there.

On another note, I am a daydreamer.  Always have been.  When I was young I would spend a good hour after I woke up with my eyes closed, thinking of something that made me happy.  I needed that.  And truth is, I still do.  I dreamt of true love, of the family I would have, the home, the simple times.

The reality is though, with you have youngsters, you do not get to do much daydreaming. I think owning my own photography business is helping make up for it.  I think it is a part of the brain that needs stimulation.  Without realizing it, I need creativity.  I just never gave myself enough credit in that department.  Had I done so, I would be in a different place than I am.  However, I am confident I am where I was meant to be.  And, the ironic part is, having a child with Down syndrome is what brought me here.

Those are the blessings people were talking about when discussing our expected bundle back in 2010.  I was so hopeless and fearful.

I am grateful to be beyond that part but ever so appreciative of it as well.

In fact, a friend I met through blogland, Laura with Ben’s Blessings blog, is going to have her 3rd child, her 2nd with Down syndrome.  I admit, I think I am a bit jealous.  At the same time, I am very aware that Laura needs extra support and will likely fall to her knees many times over the coming years.  She will be called to God, her only hope at times.  And, because of that, she is blessed.  We will be blessed too, to learn from her and her kids 🙂

Well, my hope is to blog more often during these cold months.  We’ll see though, we’re only a week in to the new year and I have had some calls for sessions.  So, I may not be as slow as last winter!  I am so excited about that!  Every call I get I am grateful for.  It is an honor to me.

As far as the photos, the first ones are from New Year’s day.  I had a session in the morning.  Later that afternoon I took the boys to go see the Disney movie “Frozen”.  Calvin sat on my lap and ate most of the popcorn (and boy was I sorry to the cleaning people for the mess, though I enjoyed the moment knowing I wasn’t going to have to clean up after him!).

Today we were home so I captured a few of the everyday things around here.  Calvin the bear and the boys doing what else other than play Minecraft?  Seems that way some times anyways!

Stay tuned for photos from tomorrow.  The boys and I have developed a plan to commemorate the super cold temps.  We are creating memories tomorrow!

Nighty-night!  Stay warm!  Tomorrow we’re also planning a movie day with popcorn and snuggling.

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