Aleya Turns One!

Meet sweet Aleya.  Aleya turned one in April and we finally made it outdoors for her session in May.  The weather this spring has been so cold and wet, not like last year when Aleya was born.   Speaking of last year, how do these little babies grow so fast?  Aleya is walking and clapping and making fun sounds.  I especially got a kick out of her ‘oooo’ face!

After running around collecting flowers, Aleya and her loving big brother Gavin played in the ball-field followed by some swing time.  It was becoming evident at this point that Aleya could have stayed in that swing and taken a nap.  We tried to entice her with some sticks but she only wanted her mom.  Whom, by the way is so patient and kind and a great mother to these two.  Thank you, Jen, for sharing your special family with me!

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