About Ilisa

Hello!  Thank you for your interest in Ilisa Ailts Photography!  It means the world to me to have you here.

Photography is a passion of mine and has been since I was a young girl! Along with photography, I have degrees in Psychology and School Counseling.  Working with children is my absolute favorite!  I am patient, attentive, and love how natural kids and family moments are for the camera.

Family is also a favorite of mine! My husband Joe (aka Pumpkin Joe) and I have 4 boys named Lincoln, Calvin, Nolan, and Evan. I still pinch myself, 4 boys?!

I photograph in a natural way with a goal to provide storytelling mixed with a bit of portraiture you can display on your walls and in your photo albums.  As I evolve, it is becoming less important to focus on what should be “right” about a photo and instead be sure it is a beautiful, memorable, enjoyable, and comfortable experience which wows you when you sit down to your gallery.

I love to hear when galleries bring tears to your eyes. That is my goal!

Photos credited to my friend Laura Carroll of Laura Carroll Photography (2020).

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