60th Anniversary (Stillwater, MN)

I had such a lovely time with this beautiful family.  They were gathered together to celebrate Jim and Nel’s 60th wedding anniversary at their daughter’s home in Stillwater.

It was a perfect day in August which allowed us to go outdoors where Libbe has built a beautiful garden surrounding an equally magnificent house.  But what makes this house a home is the love and relationship residing in the family.  That is a testament of Jim and Nel’s love that has deeply rooted them all.

Anyone who has been married knows marriage is not always as blissful as it seemed it would be on their wedding day.  That is why we celebrate anniversaries.  And, 60 of them is a treasure!  These two have set an example for the rest of their family, and me!   If my husband and I live to see our mid 80’s, I hope my family throws us a party as beautiful and meaningful as this one.  Even their cake was designed to resemble their marriage cake 🙂

Marriage is work, so yes, have a party!  This one was catered by the Lake Elmo Inn (http://www.lakeelmoinn.com/catering/) and the cake decorations and floral arrangements were put together by Jim and Nel’s granddaughter, Jessica.  She is starting out in the industry and I would highly recommend checking her out at Ruffled Posies (http://www.ruffledposies.com).

And don’t forget, if you are having an event this summer, hire a photographer!  I know it took the pressure off the family and I heard many times they were so grateful for it.  Remember to call early for availability!

Thank you again, Libbe for contacting me, and to Abbey for the referral.  It was a blessing to be a part of such a meaningful time your family’s life!

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