2013 Gardening

This summer is absolutely flying by!  Between the boys being busy bodies and my new and flourishing photography business, I am finding little time for the personal side of my blog.

As I am getting used to being home and balancing family, self, and work, I am trying to prioritize getting back here to write more.

In a nutshell, I am feeling better and better as time goes on.  I have had nearly 2 weeks of little GI issues.  I think I may have found the combo of treatments that are working.  I continue to treat for Lyme.  I am also trying to heal and support healthy thyroid functioning.  To do so I am eating a Paleo “diet”, sleeping on my Earthing sheets, and balancing exercise and rest.   I have really laid off the running this summer.  I go when I can.  I quit counting miles and placing expectations and goals out there.  My back and knees are happy.  I have not gained weight.  But, I kind of miss the longer runs.

This weekend I will be joining a 12 person team in the Ragnar races.  Running from LaCrosse to Minneapolis.  I run 3 times, around noon, 10pm, and again around 9am to total about 15.5 miles.  I am going to photograph the best I can and blog about it.  I only know two people, and not extremely well.  One of them was Calvin’s therapist and we seem to have a lot in common so it will be fun to hang out.  It is neat to see the blessings Calvin’s life has brought into my own life.  I have met so many people.

Today we tended to the dry lawn (boo to the drought years, our poor lawn is a weed fest!) and garden.  The outdoors is my absolute favorite place.  I admit my business has taken some of my outdoor time away.  In return I really appreciate my outdoor sessions!

These photos are from today.  The boys and Joe harvested the onions.  They smell wonderful!  Then they helped water the tomatoes and peppers.  The older two then ate peppers and watched Curious George.  Then they ate hot dogs.  3 each.  By the way, Calvin has recently boycotted hotdogs.  Not the worst thing but I found grassfed beef and was excited to have an easy quick alternative to the commonly found eggs and variety of waffles (Cal eats paleo with occasional potato and corn).  Cal is not picky necessarily but I am more of a lazy cook and our food needs to be healthy – which presents some challenges, ha ha!

As the older two enjoyed their dogs, Cal played with his favorite bunny he received from my parents for Easter 2011.

Calvin now turns in circles (standing), can sign even more words (I seriously HAVE to sit down and list them!), and growls and pretends he is a bear.  I think I may have shared that before.   Oh, and last night he signed bird and I swear said “birdie”.  Fluke but once in a while that stuff happens with him.

Soon we are heading to Green Bay to see the Packers practice, visit a children’s museum, and check out Door County.  A short family get-away this summer.  It’s all we had time for with Joe’s switch to a sales position with Neuroscience and my busy photography schedule.  Until next time!


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